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  1. Jacob Johnston

    The BLM has created the illusion of a wild horse overpopulation crisis, by drastically reducing the amount of land that was originally mandated by the horse and burro act of 1971, restricting the remaining horses to tiny “herd Management Areas,” and filling much of the stolen public land with excess livestock to suit ranching interests and artificially inflated populations of big game animals to suit hunting interests. There are fewer horses on the range than there were decades ago, when concern was raised over how rapidly they were disappearing from the range and there’s more than enough public land to support at least a million of these animals, without any danger of habitat damage, or overpopulation, yet the BLM insists that 82,000 horses is far too many and they love to exaggerate about how fast the wild horse population grows, in order to further justify their efforts to systematically exterminate them. For several decades, they’ve been doing everything they can to try and get rid of these precious living American icons, undermine efforts to protect and preserve them on the range, distract the public from the real issues and what’s really going on out there and generally just creating all sorts of problems where there were none to begin with, driven by institutionalized greed and corruption.

  2. Barbara Warner

    The recent NAS study found no evidence of an over-population so there is no need of any birth control. BLM inflates the numbers and removes our wild horses at a cost of millions. 70% of the herds are not even genetically viable-do not have 150-200 able to breed. 50% of foals die before they are one year old..
    The 22 million lawful acres taken from our wild horses needs to be returned and cattle removed from the HMA’s. Wild horses are symbiotic to ecosystems but livestock destroy them. Only 3% of beef comes from public lands.

  3. Theresa J Barbour

    There was no maximum number of horses set in 1971. That myth was created by ranchers and the government based on another myth that there were somewhere between 26 & 27 thousand wild horses on the land in 1971. That was never an actual number, the first census was done in 1974 and there were 60,000 wild horses. But…even if that 26 – 27,000 number in 1971 had actually been accurate why on earth would the agency tasked with their protection, by a unanimous vote of Congress because they were “fast disappearing”, want to get back down to that low population number?

  4. Maggie Frazier

    This is one of the most factual articles on the subject of wild horses that I’ve seen in some time. The 82,000 (?) number, of course, is the one the BLM claims, as is the claim that the population “doubles” in size every 4/5 years. But on the whole, a good article that actually has been researched!
    The BLM’s increasing the sale horses from 4 to 25 with no special approval really begs the question WHO wants to buy a truckload (no matter how low the cost) of wild, unhandled horses and for what purpose?
    The other consideration: surgically SPAYING wild mares – a procedure that most veterinarians do not do on domestic mares without a very urgent reason. And they are proposing to do this in a non-sterile environment with very little follow up. Yes the outcry in 2016 was loud! But this was done several years ago at the Sheldon Wildlife Refuge – and did not have a good outcome. Of course there was NO follow up there – the entire herd was eventually zeroed out & sold – many probably to slaughter.
    Mr. Lane’s description of “knee-jerk resistance” ? Well, yeah, considering how many times (that we know of) that wild horses have been sold by BLM employees & gone to slaughter – yes resistance absolutely!

  5. amanda a duncan

    This article touches on some of the realities of wild horse management but backs off when addressing BLM corruption and destruction of the horses. I protest the use of sterilization techniques on the range in favor of PZP which is harmless and un-invassive. I propose a reduction in cattle and sheep grazing on our public lands as less than two percent of beef actually reaches US consumers. The rest is exported so simply fills the coffers of the meat industry – not the public trust at all. I protest the sale of public lands to corporations and believe they should be protected for future generations. The wild herds should be allowed to roam under the protection of our public officers. The BLM should be transparent and responsive to public concerns. The BLM is currently removing horses at an alarming rate ahead of impending cases and legislation which is a deliberate manipulation of the public trust. Sending wild horses to Guyana is insane! There are lots of horses in south America already. Why on earth would anyone suggest that to put 2000 wild horses on a ship is more humane than leaving them in their ancestral lands? Guyana is a poor country and these animals would absolutely be abused and tortured for what would be very short and tragic lives. The answer is, protect the herds, protect the public lands and stop using the BLM as the Pinkertons of our time. Ryan Zinke is totally unfit to head up the Department of Interior – he lies through his teeth to the unwitting public. Big game hunting is not the goal of the BLM.

    Please forgive my candor. This subject is terribly emotional for anyone and everyone who educates themselves about this subject and what is happening behind the scenes. The facts are horrible. This is a David vs Goliath story and unfortunately in our Great Country, the USA – the Government sidesteps the truth and leverages its power to misuse its resources in a cloak of annonimity.

    Yours very truly,

    Amanda Duncan

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