2 comments to “Wireless Industry Using First Amendment as a Cudgel in Its Battle Against Safety Warnings”

  1. Sharon Noble

    More well written articles like this are needed very badly to help educate a public that has been shielded by the industry from information about their wireless devices.

    Last year, “Marketplace”, a CBC investigative program, asked many people if they had ever read the warnings in their phone manuals, and most had no idea there were any. The telecoms are counting on this.

    As well, CBC tested the 3 top-selling phones and all 3 exceeded the Canadian exposure limits, which are similar to those set by the FCC.


  2. Theodora Scarato

    Thank you for this well researched article.

    I would add that the French government tests #phonegate on hundreds of cell phones – released last year- document that phones at body contact can exceed FCC radiation limits- further establishing the Berkeley Cell Phone Ordinance as factual. More about these tests at https://ehtrust.org/cell-phone-radiation-scandal-french-government-data-indicates-cell-phones-exposeconsumers-radiation-levels-higher-manufacturers-claim/

    Learn more about how cell phone companies warn investors but not consumers about cell phone radiation risks. https://ehtrust.org/key-issues/corporate-company-investor-warnings-annual-reports-10k-filings-cell-phone-radiation-risks/

    Read the radiation fine print warning of cell phones and virtual assistants and more at https://ehtrust.org/fine-print-manufacturer-radio-frequency-radiation-warnings/

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