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Paul Feldman is a FairWarning staff writer.

2 comments to “San Francisco’s Sweeping Ban on Flavored Tobacco Products Upheld by Voters”

  1. Moose

    Someone please fire Dr. Melissa Welch. It’s called educating people especially your kids why not to do something. Your little ban really just encourages them more and less education on the matter is available due to it being illegal. Wanna know why you sometimes have overdoses? Because people are not educated on it. And somehow you forget that adults like candy flavors too unless you are a soul less creature. Let’s not forget alcohol that actually kills people contains the same flavors you are so worried about and they even smack cute little attractive labels on them, but god forbid anyone bats an eye towards that.

  2. Jeanne Weigum

    Way to go SF! Also add to the list if cities which have addressed the menthol issue is the tiny community of Falcon Heights, MN. The Falcon Heights ordinance is a de facto ban because it limits the sale of tobacco products to tobacco stores and there are no such stores in Falcon Heights. Hours before the vote the Jones Day law firm, one of the largest law firms in the world, representing R. J. Reynolds, sent a thinly veiled threat to the city council. The council chose to listen to their people rather than be intimidated by tobacco industry heavy handed tactics. Jeanne Weigum, President, Association For Nonsmokers – MN.

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