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  1. Dan Germouse

    The mayors of Superior, Wisconsin and nearby Duluth, Minnesota have called for an end to the use of hydrogen fluoride at the Superior petroleum refinery following the recent explosion and fire there. The article makes no mention of forced-fluoridation, even though Superior and Duluth are both occupied by the force-fluoridating enemy. If anyone is wondering if hydrogen fluoride is relevant to exposure to fluoride itself, it is. Hydrogen fluoride is highly bioavailable and can be absorbed rapidly via the lungs, skin, and gastrointestinal system. When it reaches the bloodstream it disassociates because blood is slightly alkaline, giving free fluoride ions. The high toxicity of hydrogen fluoride comes from the fluoride and its bioavailability. When people drink fluoride-spiked water, hydrofluoric acid (i.e. hydrogen fluoride in aqueous solution) forms in the stomach acid. The danger of acute toxicity from fluoride-spiked water is less than that from large quantities of hydrogen fluoride suddenly emitted from a refinery by accident, but fluoride is cumulative and even though harm from chronic exposure is easier to cover up, that doesn’t make it any less of a problem.

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