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One comment to “Jury Tacks on $80 Million in Punitive Damages; Total Award $117 MM Against Johnson & Johnson and Imerys”

  1. Harvey Swenson

    There’s long been folklore that when infamous bank robber Willie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks, he replied, “Because that’s where the money is.” (He denied saying that, but agreed with it.) For lawyers and those who are convinced that everything bad that happens to them is somebody else’s fault, big companies like J&J are the banks that can be robbed with the help of jurors sympathetic to victims who are easily swayed by emotional appeals. The fact is that talc-containing baby powder has been used by probably hundreds of millions of people, and if it really was the cause of mesothelioma, there would be far more instances. The mind-numbing punitive awards are a clear indication that jurors sometimes use the more primitive parts of their brains in making decisions.

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