3 comments to “Fire Danger Persists for Polaris Off-Road Vehicles”

  1. Lee Scott

    I would agree about the lack of durability testing. Polaris UTVs (we have 2) are pretty fragile for something that looks so rugged. Something is always breaking or wearing out – wheel bearings and brakes last no time at all. On the plus side, though, they are easy to work on. Just wish you didn’t have to baby them so much.

  2. christopher redmond

    so, what if riders are making modifications on these vehicles even after they’ve been warned of the risk of factory defects, and are still making personal modifications. How are we able to insure safety for these riders that make certain modifications on there own.

  3. Louis V. Lombardo

    Thank you for this very important article! It should be carried in every newspaper and on all TV and radio stations. Too many people don’t know but need to know about these and other safety dangers to themselves, their families, and friends.

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