4 comments to “A Lawyer’s Weapon Against Farm Worker Complaints: Deportation”

  1. Daniel Montes, Jr.

    what about the employers who uses the illegals?

  2. Jennifer

    Also in both instances where people were deported he told the lawyers NOT to bring the workers to the depositions. The lawyers chose to bring them anyway.

  3. Jennifer

    It was 5 cases, not 7. Two people were deported and both had criminal records and were being actively sought by ERO for deportation. Both had been previously deported for drugs and/or violent crimes.

    All 5 cases, save 1, were with CRLA. Raimondo’s aim was to check the CRLA, not deport anyone. CRLA regularly breaks the law by knowingly representing undocumented workers.

    This lawyer has had hundreds of cases with undocumented immigrants, yet in only cases with the CRLA has he checked status. Why? To be able to report CRLA to the LSC and get them off the cases. The LSC was actively requesting his help. Our congress has laws that prevent federal funds from being used for legal representation of undocumented immigrants.

    The one instance that was not with the CRLA dealt with back wages and Raimondo investigated the person’s status to determine back pay. Our US Supreme Court ruled that undocumented are not entitled to back wages. He was not trying to get anyone deported. He was attempting to determine what the worker was owed. After he checked status with an ICE auditor , someone who has no authority to remove anyone, ERO contacted him for removal.

    These are the facts.

    CRLA is misrepresenting the facts in this case.

    If you want to help undocumented people, advocate to change the law. In this case, Raimondo is the only one who did NOT break the law. CRLA broke the law by knowingly representing undocumented people. The workers broke the law by not coming here legally. You might not like what he did, but he was the only one not breaking the law.

  4. Fred

    If someone is here illegally and they complain, they should get deported. If they can’t follow the rules, they have to take the work they can get and be happy with it, until they become legal.

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