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Paul Feldman is a FairWarning staff writer.

2 comments to “Feds Reject Insurance Hike for Big-Rigs, Pleasing Independent Truckers, Rankling Safety Advocates”

  1. Sabina

    Thank you Paul for an excellent and timely article. Hopefully these trucking companies, insurance companies, & politicians will come to their senses & stop this insanity. I daresay if it happened to one of their loved ones they would be more likely to help increase the very low minimum insurance limits and help the American people who must suffer through the agony of a truck crash.

  2. Jeff Skillin

    A bit selective with facts to bias your reader to believe this is a pressing and needed thing. What % of trucks on the road, or trucking companies, carry the minimum? How many people actually got shorted last year because these minimums were insufficient? Yes, you could argue one is too many, and you found your one or two, but if the average crash is under 12K, how big of a problem is this and how many are adversely affected? How many small truckers would go out of business if the minimum changed? How much would trucking rates be affected? And increase to what? 1MM? 5MM? How much is enough when you have a guy settling for 40MM in your article?

    Tricky topic, I realize, but your research seems to focus on pulling my heartstrings with a few “exceptional” tragedies whilst intentionally avoiding some rather obvious pertinent facts. What results is an opinion piece disguised as a news article.
    This is not news, but it’s also not atypical these days. It’s an op-ed piece at best. So why am I reading it on nbcnews.com?

    Again, selective facts that are intended to bias rather than present news, facts, in a comprehensive and unbiased manner. It’s not fake (no such thing), but it’s not really news either. Shame on nbcnews.com I suppose.

    This CANNOT compare in any way in scope (number of accidents that exceed limits) and importance to the ridiculous minimums for auto liability in most states. You should focus on those minimums and make a case for something like 250K being a minimum instead of the ridiculous 25 & 50K minimums. I suppose trucking companies and the government are easier and more appropriate targets for your organization than the much more sensible recommendation that millions should pay more for higher auto liability limits.

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