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2 comments to “Fix Sought for Heat Deaths of Children Left in Cars”

  1. Matthew Mabey

    The human mind has an incredible ability to filter out annoying, repetitious sounds. Any audible alert that is there every time a driver exits the vehicle will soon become useless as an alert.
    An effective solution will have to be one that is activated by the actual presence of a child in the car. Perhaps a pressure sensor in the child safety seat that communicates with a smartphone app (immediately available) or the car itself (over time with fleet replacement). The successor to “LATCH” could be” e-LATCH.”
    As the article points out, simply forgetting the child is less than half the problem in these car/heat deaths.
    One feature that would be easy to add is having power windows operate even when the car isn’t “on.” Another feature that seems feasible is a ventilation system that operates when an occupant is detected inside the car.

  2. richard zachar

    On June 7, 2017 a bipartisan bill known as the Hot Car Act of 2017 was introduced by the House of Representatives. This bill was introduced to require auto manufacturers in the next two years to add devices to new cars that will remind the driver to check the back seat for children.
    In theory the standard recommendation has been to leave a purse, shoe, or telephone in the rear seat so that when the driver exits the car they will have to retrieve the item and thereby remember the baby. This is all well and good, except that after awhile this action will becomes routine and may soon stop. No help there.
    In 2012 BeAlert invented the only verbal alarm that talks to you. It is a passive child alert that is easily installed, just peel and stick. Every time the driver’s door is opened the spoken child alert message tells you to check the back seat or around the car for a child. Prevention is the only solution. BeAlert is the tool.

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