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Paul Feldman is a FairWarning staff writer.

2 comments to “Smartphone Distractions, Drinking Help Spur Rising Pedestrian Death Toll”

  1. Marjorie Sparrow

    Seems to be an under-reported subject, so, thanks. So much texting while driving us observed in my own ( Massachusetts) town- although illegal. It is still allowed to hold the phone to talk. At a traffic light everybody looks down.

  2. Matthew Mabey

    I was very happy to see that you included the context of how today’s casualty numbers still trail “the bad old days” by a fair margin, especially when population growth is considered.
    While it is true that the distance between designated pedestrian crossings is very large along many urban arterial roads, in the vast majority of pedestrian fatalities the common factor is a pedestrian assuming, or taking for granted, that the drivers are looking out for them. The drivers definitely should be keeping a proper look-out and yielding to pedestrians, but if pedestrians were more conscientious about looking out for their own safety, those fatality numbers would drop precipitously. Pedestrians have the speed and maneuverability to get themselves hit by a car regardless of how legally, attentively, and skillfully the car is being driven. They usually also have the speed and maneuverability to keep themselves from getting hit in most circumstances. I love that this article, and apparently the report it is based on, includes the behavior of pedestrians as a part of the solution. Lately, I see too many parents teaching their children the opposite of “look both ways and be sure it is safe before crossing.” It is so common to see parents teaching their children that “the cars will stop if you just start crossing” and “it is safe to cross if you have the signal.”

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