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Paul Feldman is a FairWarning staff writer.

3 comments to “Very Safe, Except for One Thing…”

  1. Rosemary Shahan

    Thank you Fair Warning and Paul Feldman for the excellent reporting. A lot of mainstream media wouldn’t touch this story because they are unfortunately subject to enormous pressure from car dealers, who are often their biggest advertisers and have a history of using their ad dollars to censor anything critical of them, or helpful for consumers.

    This report is further evidence how important independent journalism like Fair Warning is, for alerting the public to real threats that people and their families face every day.

  2. Stephaniie Tombrello

    Very important lawsuit. Ridiculous to say that a car with an open recall is ready for sale. It puts honest dealers at a disadvantage and is “fake” assurance to the public. Many of the public are unaware of the risks inherent in many of the outstanding recalls and frankly, none of us should be placed at risk so that someone can rip off an unsuspecting customer.

  3. Louis V. Lombardo

    Thanks for this Fair Warning article of life or death importance. I hope many editors amke it available to their readers.

    As for the FTC, the Federal Trade Commission that is supposed to promote “Fair” trade it is another stain on its reputation and more evidence of corporate influence outweighing the public interest.

    For me it is reminiscent of my testimony before the FTC on Gasoline Octane Posting in the 1970s. I was so shocked at the bias the FTC Administrative Law judge was exhibiting in favor of the oil industry lawyer interrogating me, that I blurted out “Which side are you on? The FTC ultimately ruled in favor of the oil industry.

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