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Paul Feldman is a FairWarning staff writer.

5 comments to “A Grim Pattern: Presidential Voting and Workplace Deaths”

  1. TFin

    You have got to be kidding me!! SMH! I have NEVER heard anything so ridiculous in my whole life! Because people voted for TRUMP there’s more on the job fatalities? And if you voted for Hillary there’s less? WTH is this world Country coming too. I can’t believe these unbelievable statistics! How absolutely ridiculous! Get over it! I totally agree with what RegT said.

  2. RegT

    Yes, thanks for the hype you present in making a spurious connection between who voted for whom, and the state they voted in. Anyone reading this should remember the Mark Twain quote, “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”.

    Had you simply provided the relationship between hazardous occupations and workplace deaths, I might have applauded your article. To link it to how people vote is the slimiest bit of progressive trash I can imagine. Unfortunately, the Left has degraded the performance of our schools so badly that many people these days are unable to see the atrocious twisting of the truth that the media, the schools, and organizations such as yours use to meet their agenda of vilifying those who disagree with that agenda.

    Thanks for the “fair warning” that your web site can’t be trusted for being impartial or truthful.

  3. D Garfield

    In California, Inspectors hands are tied by lawsuits from the United Farm Workers and the Cal Rural Legal Association.

  4. Louis V. Lombardo

    Readers should also see how many legislators are doctors and how much money they raised. For example see Wyoming’s Sen Barrasso who is a surgeon and should be concerned about deaths in his State.

    See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physicians_in_the_United_States_Congress#114th_Congress_.282015_-_2017.29

  5. Louis V. Lombardo

    Thanks for additional important work by Fair Warning!

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