2 comments to “Brain Boosters a Gold Mine for Supplements Industry But Benefits Are Hotly Disputed”

  1. Jan Slaughter

    I ordered a “Brain” booster” from accelerall. FDA approved. to try out cost of shipping only. Before delivered CC charged 89.00. Looking at the ingredients it was Caffeine and Ginko.and unknown ingredients. I knew I had been dopped. tried to call:18004435489 # on the bottle but to no avail. Left msg. No call back.www.acclerall.com. ripoff do not order from these people.

  2. JADE

    i came here to learn advised by moyers.
    then i read this attack on nutritional supplements.
    here is something to write about…show A SINGLE double blind study affirming that vaccines do not harm the brain….i will stay with the brain since you brought it up.

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