2 comments to “OSHA’s Wall of Shame”

  1. Marcella Schwartz

    I just ran across your article when I was checking if there was anything about the NRCS fines from OSHA they contested. I am just so angry & frustrated not to metion lost & heart broken over what happened 4-14-15. You see Adrian was my companion my best friend & the love of my life for 14 years. He was taken from me at the hands of a greedy man Steven Braithwaite. They know damn well that they should not have sent Adrian & Dallas into that tanker with the levels that high but do to greed & probably there on time guarantee they did anyway. It wasnt the 1st time Adrian was sent in to clean a tanker with high levels but unfortunately it was his last. I cant believe that someone can continue to operate a business when they continue to disregard safety & the well being of there workers. And not 1 company but multiple companies with the same OSHA violations. He has not suffered any consequences for his actions. Yet i suffer each & everyday because of them. Justice has not been served. There is no JUSTICE. My life will never be the same but Steven Braithwaite continues to do business in his usual manner. Cutting corners to make a buck. I am angered & frustrated yet my hands are tied & i cant do a damn thing about it. Nothing will bring my Adrian back to me but my pain would be eased if Steven Braithwaite was held accountable for his actions. Sincerely, Marcella Schwartz. email hidden; JavaScript is required

  2. Jim Moran

    Look out OSHA, look out EPA, we just elected a President who believes there is too much regulation and it’s stifling business ability to grow. That attitude, if carried forward by the new Administration, spells injury and death for more workers as OSHA regs are weakened or not enforced or in fact eliminated altogether. The same for EPA where clean air and clean water
    will quickly become only a memory. We’re all going to have to fight for our very lives as well as our children’s and grandchildren’s. We need to demand what is rightfully ours and not beg our new rulers for mercy, there is no mercy in the profit motive.

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