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  1. Kathleen Beasley

    An outstanding story — clearly well researched and very well written. The different personal anecdotes engage us in the story and the broad context (history of complaints, etc.) help us understand the dimension of the problems. I hope this gets broad enough distribution to keep people from being duped. Thank you so much!

  2. Robert Russo

    Thank you for your article focusing on the crooks that harm the image of professional movers; we refer to them as ‘rogue operators’ since they do not deserve to be called movers. This is a national problem that the legitimate moving industry has been fighting for many years.

    For every consumer that was deceived by an attractive low ball price, there were licensed, reputable movers that lost the move because they quoted realistic rates; unfortunately, it cost significantly more to operate a legitimate moving company because of insurance, mandated regulations and hiring responsible people.

    The moving industry is united on educating consumers of the dangers of selecting movers over the internet, and we support stronger laws to protect consumers. Before you give everything you own to people you don’t know, check your State, national or international moving association; also realize that the documents you sign are contracts between you and the mover; read all ‘Important Notices’ and understand what you are signing.

    Bob Russo; Executive Director
    NJ Warehousemen & Mover’s Association

  3. B. Harris

    I had the same experience with Legion Express, Inc., Chicago. No one seems to be able to get this company to reimburse me for loss/stolen property, which has been a year now. I wrote a letter to the President, and it was forwarded to the DOT on the federal level, which has been a month now of investigation by the DOT, but now I have called and sent emails, with no result. The Attorney General was also contacted and Legion is not responding to anyone. This is very frustrating, perhaps the IRS should be contacted so these companies would have to pay taxes on their tax return for “ripping” people off.

  4. Francisco

    Outstanding investigative reporting. Finally a face of the moving industry crooks and their unsuspecting victims.

  5. Michael

    We had an experience with a chameleon mover, too. I don’t know what they’re called now because they’ve changed their name again, but at the time they were called National Relocation Van Lines. They used to be called National Relocation Solutions, as indicated in the bills of lading they brought, until everyone caught-on, and before that they were called White Horse A&S llc, as proven by my contact with their owner through a BBB complaint. They function as a “broker”, blatantly lying about the costs and scheduled dates, and then once they have your stuff they try to extort money out of you. All three companies owned by the same people, and all out of Hallandale Beach FL.

    What really seems odd is the complaint process of these companies, though. They all seem to utilize the same couple of centralized companies dedicated to handling complaints and legal filings. They had directed us to MovingClaims.net. Well, that company also owns several other complaint filing services for fake movers called Networld Enterprises. Once you make that connection, you start to see a lot of different shady companies all owned by the same network of 3-4 families, all living out of the same area in Florida.

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