fairwarning-site-logoDecember 16, 2016

Dear Friends,

Across the country we see a hollowing out of newsrooms, the dissemination of fake news and a distressing drift toward a fact-free political culture. The new administration threatens to eviscerate environmental standards and weaken protections against unsafe drugs, vehicles and workplace hazards.

Strong accountability journalism is a public good, and essential in a democracy. With FairWarning’s commitment to delivering tough watchdog reporting, the need for our work is greater than ever. But we can’t do it without you.

As you make your year-end gifts to support worthwhile causes, I hope you will include a tax-deductible contribution to FairWarning. Please donate today at https://www.fairwarning.org/contribute/.

Our work has been featured by more than 150 print, online and broadcast news outlets across the country. FairWarning’s in-depth reports help people to be better informed, and to act to improve society. We believe we are helping to reduce injuries and deaths by influencing the choices of consumers, regulators and businesses.

You are vital to our mission of providing strong accountability journalism, which is why I’m asking for your help today.

Recent FairWarning investigations have shown how lavish lobbying and campaign spending by leading industries has thwarted the public interest on health and safety matters. We spotlighted the drug industry’s success in keeping Congress from lifting a ban on cost controls that could bring savings  of billions of dollars on Medicare prescriptions. And we detailed efforts by the trucking industry to weaken rules meant to reduce injuries and deaths on the nation’s roads.

Other FairWarning stories have exposed life-threatening hazards to workers in the recycling industry; examined the racial politics of menthol cigarettes; probed the billboard industry’s war on trees; spotlighted the tobacco industry’s use of trade treaties to fight anti-smoking measures around the world; and revealed a disinformation campaign by the indoor tanning industry to hide the risk of skin cancer.

FairWarning has reached many millions of readers, we’ve had an impact, and we’ve done it with shoestring budgets and a small staff. Without support from our generous donors, we could never have come this far.

Now we need your help to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity. The Reva and David Logan Foundation, a stalwart supporter of FairWarning, recently offered us a challenge grant of $25,000. But we can collect only by matching the amount with gifts from new donors, or increased support from past contributors. That means that if you’ve never donated to FairW arning, or can raise your current level of support even a little, you will be helping us to unlock these vital funds.

We know that there are far more worthy groups and causes than any of us can possibly support. That’s why we would be so honored if you make FairWarning one of your choices for year-end giving. And we invite you to join our team as a sustaining donor with a tax-deductible gift that renews each month: https://www.fairwarning.org/contribute/.

Thanks for reading, and for considering a gift to FairWarning.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy holiday season.


Myron Levin
Founder and Editor
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