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Myron Levin is editor of FairWarning.

About the author

Paul Feldman is a FairWarning staff writer.

4 comments to “They’re Everywhere!”

  1. Randy Barnhart

    It is good to see your name again. Excellent article and timely for me.

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays.

  2. Zygi Boxer

    It is a very well researched and written article but i struggled with the question of yes so what did you expect. Our system such as it is, creates companies that help us defend our point of view/product/policy etc. just like we are able to hire high priced lawyers to defend us so do companies hire guns to defend them. It is not justice but that is our system.

  3. Shanna H Swan

    It was a pleasure to read this article, particularly after having to defend my science against Exponent “experts” in the past.

  4. Louis V. Lombardo

    Thank you for this excellent article! The American people need this investigative reporting as a matter of life, death or disability. This information advances understanding that promotes justice, science, and equality before the law in courts of law and public opinion.

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