11 comments to “Maker of Drain-Cleaning Fluid Getting Steady Drip of Complaints About Acid Burns”

  1. Sean R McMurray

    As a plumber and a wife that is a soap maker we have used these products and due so every day without any problems. The bags should be a higher grade for some of these products, but anyone who removes it from the bag without the highest level of caution is a fool.

  2. Phil

    I dropped the bottle while in the bag just a few feet above the ground, and it leaked out of the bag and ruined my hardwood floors! I won’t ever buy this product again. My wife made me call the plumber instead!

  3. Stephen Craig

    That cannot be possible. Its packaged in plastic. I did a demonstration to our staff and put paper, hair, etc in a plastic zip lock bag and passed it around the table where everyone witnessed it eating the material in the bag. It did not eat through the plastic bag at any time. Sorry about your daughter, but it sounds like a handling issue.

  4. tammy young

    this was a waste of money and made me sick the fumes r bad im still airing my place out so my son and dog dont get sick

  5. Thomas K

    I have used these products over the years (about 20 years). They have worked well for me. That said, you are using a very powerful drain cleaner / opener. I would handle these products with great care. Mr. Taillard, I’m sorry you and your were injured. However you should accept responsibility for not being more careful when transporting it. Putting it in the bottom of a shopping basket, is not using caution. Just as using it without gloves, eye protection and proper ventilation. As an example: A person using a weed whacker, doesn’t put eye protection, hits a piece of gravel, injures their eye. Who’s fault? The manufacturer?

  6. Opry

    I used this tonight and it took my smooth cast iron tub and literally ate it. Now the bottom of my tub is rough and has a bubble type appearance. At least the tub drained, I guess…

  7. Sherenden

    Mr. Taillard and anyone else whom has had issues on this. Please contact me. I would like to find out more about this.
    email hidden; JavaScript is required

  8. Michael Taillard

    Mr. Mabey,
    The protective plastic bag was clearly not chemically-resistant. The acid just poured right through it.

  9. Matthew Mabey

    This article doesn’t address how the acid splashed out of the protective plastic bag to get on the child. The other cases make sense as to how they could happen, but this story doesn’t. There are some big pieces missing from that narrative. Half a story is a half-truth. Someone must have opened or removed that plastic bag for the acid to have splashed onto the child.

  10. Michael Taillard

    It doesn’t matter how many warnings you place on a package if that package is insufficient for storing the contents. You could put huge warnings all over a cardboard box, but that doesn’t make it sufficient to distribute plutonium. The warnings on a bottle of acid are completely irrelevant if the bottle, itself, is faulty.

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