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2 comments to “Lawmakers OK Plan for Pioneering Gun Violence Research Center in California”

  1. tom swift

    If my aging memory serves … The original problem was a series of papers co-authored by a Dr Arthur Kellermann and financed by the CDC. They are absolute howlers, excellent textbook-quality examples of the misuse of statistics and scientific method to bolster agenda-driven propaganda. (Don’t take my word for it, read them – they used to be difficult but not impossible to find online; but sorry, no links, I found them years ago and have no idea where they might be now.) They were the inspiration for Congress’s attempt to get the CDC to stop wasting taxpayer’s money on “junk science”. Congress first estimated how much money CDC was wasting on this stuff and reduced its budget by that amount. Someone else later put it back in, so CDC didn’t suffer that year, but the writing was clearly on the wall and the “junk science” program was dropped.

    Of course this didn’t kill research on the issue, it just squelched the mega-funding CDC was able to waste on it. But the gun-control crowd misses the good doctor’s work. He was the source of the famous “a gun in the home is X times more likely to kill a family member than an intruder” which is still being tossed around today. Kellermann actually wrote no such thing, but that’s what it morphed into by the time the Brady Campaign et al worked their magic on it. (The multiplier X can be any number up to the low two digits, depending on which of Kellermann’s papers is incorrectly quoted.)

    Research is one thing. Honest research is quite another.

  2. Hdjrdj

    What are you going to discover? That Democrats want your guns and Republicans are never going to give them up? What a wastes of Mr Bloomeburges money!

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