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  1. Linda

    @Greg I assess window coverings for safety and send them to labs to be tested against our safety critieria. I would never compare motorized with safety cleats. Safety cleats continue to leave the hazard lurking and accessible while motorized eliminates the hazard. Motorized window coverings are the finest in the window covering class when it comes to safety and should be promoted as such! I am looking forward to the future of motorized!

  2. Greg

    Like having cord cleats motorized blinds are an investment that helps keep children safe by getting rid of the cord and giving you the ability to control the blinds from an app or with the remote. It is a bit pricier but worth considering if you want to have your home be safer. If anyone is considering buying them I recommend https://shadesshop.com/pages/motorized their products are made in the USA and they have great customer service

  3. Robert Nevins

    The 3 reason for more then 25 years of non stop infant and child strangulation deaths in blind cords is the
    Consumer Product Safety Commission the ,Window Covering Safety Council. and most of all the Window
    Covering.Manufacturers Association… The latest government entities to ignore my research and requests is
    the Federal Bureau of investigation and the U. S, Justice Department ..neither one had the courtesy to respond to my letters and requests. there to busy responding to congressional investigations. You are without any class I am a retired N.Y.C Firefighter ,as were my father and three brothers ..and for the F.B.I. and the U .S..Justice Department not to respond is grossly insulting . I did the research my self . it is deplorable what I found…. Hopefully I can get a law enforcement agency to investigate my charges . There is a law that states anyone convicted of withholding information of felony can receive $ 150,000.00 fine and three years in prison. every one involved in these cases are guilty of
    this law. or crime. in particular the C.P.S.C Commissioners…Bob Nevins Ladder 44 in the Bronx.. .

  4. Robert L Nevins

    I have been trying to prevent unnecessary, and preventable infant and child strangulation deaths in blind and shade cords for more then 25 years, in 1999 I gave the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, t he Window Covering Safety ,Council and the Window Covering Manufacturers 5, deadly infant and child strangulation traps in blind and shade cords, .along with 28 documented infant and child strangulation deaths and hangings that occurred from 1990 to the year 2000, these 28 strangulation deaths is only a sampling of the hundreds of deaths that occurred in these years. In 2002 I gave these entities patented solutions to these cord strangulation deaths. (no takers) . Between 2007 and 2010 I also offered these entities a ” Cord Safe Wand ” that is used to make blind and shade cord clutches infant and child strangulation proof..
    The C.P.S. C. loved it ,said it was a great device. and signed a letter to me. ” WE Don’t Endorse Products ” . The C.P.S.C. protects the Window Covering Manufacturers, The Window Covering Safety Council and themselves. because
    they are negligent and they are derelict. This is a U.S .Government agency and should be treated with jail time, for 44 years of dereliction of duty, the other entities should also be incarcerated for perpetuating many years of deceiving the
    global public .with false information and knowing that cutting a single deadly loop cord strangulation trap and adding tassels to the two cut ends .doubles the infant and child strangulation traps.
    Robert L Nevins retired N.Y. City Firefighter

  5. Katie


    They haven’t disappeared because they are also installed in people’s rental homes and apartments. My daughter Ayla died this past April from a window blind cord tied around a so called “safety cleat” that was installed by the property management company. Brand new blinds when we moved in a year ago! Yes, consumer education is important, but is it effective? I thought the cord was safely tied on the cleat, I also had no prior knowledge of “how” these things happen.

  6. robert nevins

    I have given all of the manufacturers solution s to infant and child strangulation deaths since 1998. I have recently (provisional patent 2010) patent granted 2014.
    The Consumer Product Safety Commission gave my (Cord Safe Wand ) great marks then wrote on the evaluation “C.P.S.C. .does not endorse products ” .. Linda Kaiser
    showed a prototype of my Infant and child strangulation proof wand at a Nov.4, 2010 meeting in which all of the Window Covering Mfrs and all of the C.P.S.C .involved parties
    attended . All of these entities ignored the anti infant and child strangulation device.
    Sometimes I do not know whether Linda Kaiser is for me or against me.. I believe if I had one C.P.S.C. employee with me Renae Rauschwalbe We could have stopped most or all of these baby deaths that occurred since 1996. As an example. see if your blinds have a small plastic doughnut one inch below the cord lock when the blind is fully open. these plastic doughnuts were originally one quarter inch round plastic beads with a cord hole in them . Between 1990 and 2000 36 of these beads could have prevented 18 reverse, pull cord,, infant and child blind cord strangulation deaths. As far as warning labels go babies cant read. If their attached for the parents then put the truth on the warning label “More then three Hundred Children have strangled to death in these blind cords
    As for free cleats to wind the cord around., picture a mother with the infant or child .in one hand and standing winding the cord around the cleat 27 times with the other hand… .

  7. Jessie

    So proud that Mr Silverberg got the important message about corded windows coverings. Great thing his company is doing and hope more will follow.

  8. Ryan

    Adam was a great kid. So happy. So loving. A big heart. I only got to know him for a short time and I only wish I could have gotten to know him better. He had so much potential to make a positive impact on this world. I fell in love with his mother who raised him so I know the love that was instilled in him. A pure heart. Just like his mom. She is lost without him. Her little protector. He was such a great brother too. He loved his little brothers and sisters. Always looked after them. They too are lost without him. He was always smiling. That is all I see when I think of him. Being a little goof. It brings tears to my eyes knowing I won’t be able to see the happiness on his face again or to pick with him when I went to see him and his little brothers and sisters and mommy. The comments of some people to the news of his death and how it happened makes me sick to my stomach. How can people be so heartless. His mom is the best mom I have ever seen. She was always there for them night and day. He was her first born. Her pride and joy. Her little protecter. I was looking forward to winning him over to accepting me into his family. Approving me as a worthy man for his mom. I’ll never get that chance. I can only look forward to getting to know him through his mom. The love she has for him is like no other. That’s what I feel as she shares memories of him. I want the world to know that this can happen to even the most cautious parent. It can take only a few seconds. Please just be proactive and junk the cords. Please go cordless. Spread the word. This is real. Some blind companies say there are too few deaths from corded blinds to ban them but I say one is too many. i don’t care how much money it will cost to get rid of corded blinds. Enough is enough. All cordless blinds will save precious children’s lives. Go cordless.

  9. Kim

    I agree with Bernice. Education is required to make parents aware of the dangers – same as has been done with seat belts and cigarettes.

  10. Doug Baldwin

    I have done some work as an investigator on window blind strangulation cases filed by plaintiff attorneys for well over a decade. Its rare to see a story on this topic, though the steady but small death rate would seem important enough to warrant more interest. It has always fascinated me how resistant people are to this particular topic. My job often entailed identifying, finding and contacting past owners or tenants of a particular house where a cord strangulation job occurred, in order to learn when the blinds were installed, who sold them and who made them — often enough there are no markings on them. And too often there was no sympathy and no cooperation for my research, a lack of sympathy and cooperation that suspiciously seemed to have some geographic nature. It is my feeling that politics has created an empowerment among a certain portion of the population to believe that we must, as a nation, endure a certain level of chaos, injury and dysfunction in the name of freedom and free markets. But we do endure all that, and we will always continue to do so. Yes, it is part of life, regardless of freedom and free markets. The point though is, if something can be fixed and thus save lives of precious children, why not? History shows tremendous resistance to seat belts and motorcycle helmets and a zillion other safety features that cost money and took effort. And yet, once in place, and looking backwards, everyone agrees, doing that was a good thing. Fixing window cords falls into that category of one tiny incremental step forward for safety, and yet, it is emblematic of a culture and a nation that believes that all lives matter, and that is a culture and a nation to be proud of.

  11. Berenice Goelzer

    It is also important to have campaigns for consumers/buyers. Why do parents and grand-parents buy these things ? if nobody bought them, they would disappear!!!

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