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8 comments to “Another Big Defeat for Johnson & Johnson in Talc-Ovarian Cancer Case”

  1. Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    Anytime a company receives a “reasonable” warning from an outside source that its product may cause some serious disease, the company is by its moral compass, compelled to investigate the problem very very thoroughly, especially if the product is an extremely profitable product. Johnson & Johnson is so “JUGE” that it could have made diligent investigations instead of ignoring the reasonable warning by the Harvard Scientist, M.D.
    Johnson & Johnson is the biggest company in the world, (or one of the biggest),, with many, many successful products. Not to take a break in the production and marketing of the product until the product was cleared and to continue to market the product as “completely safe” is why the juries came down so hard on Johnson & Johnson. The sooner in life and business that, you admit that a mistake may have been made, the less that the public will hold you to great damages, and will forgive a mistake.
    it is only when you ignore the possible damages because you think you can get away with it is when you are held responsible for your actions. This is why “punitive” damages are awarded, not to benefit the plaintiff but to punish the defendant for its insolence. (Like FBI Director Wary Wray, ,who sarcastically responded to the complaints about his intentionally delaying, (refusing actually), the documents Congress asked for and was entitled to receive. Wray should have been bitch slapped and fired the same day, because he stated to the whole world that: “I, Christopher Wray, are above the law, I answer to no one”……..How long does it take you to get fired from a job if you delay in doing your job and it is so obvious to your Boss, that you are just telling him to go to hell??). Suppose you are a Marine Lt. on the line and tld to prepare to go into battle by the next morning and when the Marine Capt comes down to check upon you at daylight, all of your troops are sleeping in snoring, ,or just drinking coffee and telling jokes, not having cleaned their weapons?? Johnson & Johnson, (and Wray) felt that they were so big that they did not have to respond to anyone…………

  2. Panvrla K White

    I used this powder in 1980 I got cervical cancer which led me to being sterile I can not have children please contact. me

  3. Karen Short

    I’ve got copd , now it started in 2013 I smoked for 40 years and pack a day. I’m telling everyone that smokes to guit now be for it to late thanks

  4. Karen Short

    I had my ovary out in 1968 to1970 somewhere in there. And I used Johnson and Johnson powder every time I took a bath. Would you check to see if the email you sent to me is about me. Thank you in Peoria illinois I’m now in arkansas.

  5. Dick

    Has anyone looked into the dangers of talc for men and possible association with prostrate cancer?

  6. Anthony Crump

    Smoking cigarettes have killed a lot of people. It took a while to have printed on each pack of cigarettes a warning label. Why, when studies were so definite that link cigarette smoking to lung cancer? Today there are people smoking less and less then 10 – 20 years ago because people are more educated on the dangers of unsafe products. Asbestos is linked to cancer. The consumption of alcohol leads to liver problems. As time goes on we are able to study what is good and what is bad for us and educate people. There are facts that companies have known about their product being unsafe for human consumption for years yet due to business profits, which took priority over complaints of proven medial issues, companies left without suite kept selling their unsafe products and making profits. Meat packing industry has had health issues that if not regulated can lead to deaths of millions of people world wide with a variety of diseases.

    When technicians find a build up of talc in ovaries that have been surgically removed due to cancer then the link of talc and cancer has been established. If doctors find ovarian cancer and no talc then there is no association. I do not think that a Harvard Professor Dr. David Cramer would make up a story of how talc is related to cancer and I do not believe that all the studies that were conducted to be a hoax. Talc has been proven linked to ovarian cancer. Big business that are kings of the industry will do anything to maintain their kingly status, even when confronted with scientific findings and studies. One of the CEOs of J & J knew about the lethal findings that linked ovarian cancer to talc and did nothing. Companies like profits just the way they are, no change please. Cigarette companies made huge profits on the selling of tobacco products, but not so much today. The same will happen to talc products used for feminine hygiene.

  7. Deborah Adkins

    I just can’t bring myself to agree with the verdict on these lawsuits. No one holds a gun to your head and makes you use these products and whenever you buy and use anything that is produced in this day and age, including food, pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, personal products, or practically anything that is mass produced to meet the demands of the public, you would have to be a complete moron to not expect that there is the possibility of developing some type of disease !! Come on, people, even animals are fed chemicals to make them grow bigger and faster and we voluntarily consume them in our daily diets. While I don’t condone or agree with these practices, I just don’t think it’s right to try and put the entire blame on the idea that someone’s disease has been exclusively caused by the use of a single product over the course of one’s life. My husband was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma five years ago, and while I feel that his disease was brought on by excessive drinking of a product that contained aspartame, I feel it was his choice to consume it and therefore, it would not only be nearly impossible to prove that was the cause of his disease exclusively, I could not rule out in my mind that it could have been caused by something other than that and point the blame at any one entity just for the purpose of being awarded and compensated with money !!!

  8. Doug Baldwin

    Holy Smokes! Reminds me of the days of the tobacco litigation, but the verdicts here make those days look like chump change. I read the LA Times and the NY Times cover to cover fairly carefully, and I didn’t see this story and I think it is a big one. All in all very well written, very easy to grip, but one complaint: your review of the science and studies was very helpful to a reader’s understanding of the realities and arguments….on the plaintiff side. You list with vivid important details precisely how many studies have found problems with talc (1971 a study of 13 women found…1982, the first published study….and then author Cramer recently found….20 other studies found….) but in presenting J&Js side all you write is 7 words “…but other studies have found no association.” Whoa! Seems like the least you could do is put a number on how many, give them one little vivid detail to be fair and balanced. I for one, am fascinated as to why J&J, hammered in their first trial, got so badly hammered in this trial as well. Are their attorneys complete morons? Are they in total denial? Is the evidence on their side obviously so ridiculous as to not even be worth more than seven words? Hmmm. All that may well be true. Anyway, clearly the jury bought the plaintiff argument and bought it big time. Clearly, J&J has a serious problem. Clearly this is a big story flying under the radar and your numbers about effected women show that. The first verdict may not have quite caught the attention of J&J, but this one ought to cause out right panic with thousands more cases in the pipeline. I would guess that the strategy of saying the existing science hasn’t been enough to prove causation needs serious J&J attorney re-evaluation. As we have all learned from politics, affirmative statements have magnitudes more power than denying statements, which has generally led to a wide spread modern habit of people affirmatively saying just about anything and having more impact with that than clearly more logical denials/rebuttals (an asserted vision of 3500 Muslims dancing on rooftops as the World Trade center towers crash comes to mind).

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