3 comments to “How Secrecy Pacts Keep Regulators, Public in the Dark”

  1. Louis V. Lombardo

    This is a very important article – of life or death importance!

    The media should carry it as widely as possible – it is information that is not only “fit to print” but essential.

    What the public does not know kills us.

  2. Windle Turley

    It was good to run across you again. Nice article. We must focus more attention to this growing issue. I am glad you are still helping to make us all safer.

  3. Arthur Bryant

    Ben is exactly right! We all need to make sure that court secrecy isn’t used to hide dangers to the public. Our legal system should be used to expose the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable, not to hide the truth and let them avoid accountability. – Arthur Bryant, Chairman, Public Justice

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