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6 comments to “Federal Agency That Protects Whistleblowers Accused of Retaliating Against One of its Own”

  1. Anonymous

    Is it time to publish the names and title of all OSHA investigators who close cases or direct the closing of cases on behalf of the employer?

  2. Anonymous

    This only the tip of the iceberg. Use your Freedom of Information Act rights and ask OSHA for a copy of all serious violations reported by workers and those found by the “local” OSHA office against all companies with annual revenues over $1 billion dollars and for those who had a member on the OSHA Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee for management between 2012-2015. Read OSHA definition of serious violation. Research OSHA Severe Violator Program Names Removed. Research Wells Fargo scandal employees reported they were fired for calling Ethics hotline. Research Ethics Points clients 2012-2014. Research Union corruption with employer. Research Human Resource Department corruption. Research Political donation motivated lawyer bonuses. Research 60 Minutes Anonymous Inc. Did you know that the Human Resource Departments are paid by the employer? Who pays for the Ethics hotlines? The employer? Follow the names and titles of people doing the investigations to see connections to committees, luncheons, and lectures with companies being reported on. Page 181-182 in the book APPETITE FOR PROFIT suggests companies get committees to make more unlikely government agencies who are on the committees will close cases against the company. Let’s get laws passed to make it mandatory that the American Workers are notified of every committee investigations were on 5 years prior to being selected for their current position and all companies must post the name and title of all members who were on the OSHA Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee any time in the past 5 and when currently on it. Transparency will expose connection. Are the American Workers being sold out to political connections, monetary and legal resources?

  3. Trudy

    I want to thank Mr. Whitman for his courage and commitment to ensuring everyone has justice. I recently received my Secretary’s findings that clearly did not adhere to the OSHA Investigative Manual, and did not consider the overwhelming evidence and documentation I submitted with my complaint. The investigator and RA assigned to my case prepared a Secretary’s Findings my seven year old niece could have written better.

  4. dondalduckman90

    This is completely TRUE! I’m an accounting employee for the State of Nevada and I thought I was doing the right thing, my civic duty, in reporting fraud and abuse of tax payer money. But I have been harassed and retaliated against since I first reported. I also reported to federal agencies and subsequently had to file a whistleblower retaliation complaint (in which I did not file qui tam because I was not interested in receiving money, I only wanted our agency to stop wasting tax payer money) but because I didn’t sue for money and just for the harassment to stop; the Nevada AG filed a motion to dismiss my complaint before it was ever heard and the State appointed hearing officer granted their motion!

    So the moral of the story is keep your mouth shut or be ready to be severely harassed, mistreated, and lose your job because even the government pretends to have safeguards to protect employees for doing the right thing, it’s all just smoke in mirrors that they don’t actually intend to follow through with. Because it’s easier to sit on your ass, proving to be the stereotypical lazy government worker – blindly pay any bill, than it is to actually do your job and prevent fraud and waste of tax payer money.

  5. Rodney Hedrick

    I Work for a program with the department of defense. When I reported my employer for fouling up employees pay checks I was later terminate and retaliated against. I Was forced to settle by a judge whom threatened to allow my employers attorneys to retaliate for, as they say wasting there time. This is how our Government treats taxpayers who bring to there attention wrong doing. They keep you from finding gainful employment, run you out of money so you can’t pursue the case and then ask for more tax dollars to get payed for screwing you over. Whom are the illegal immigrants, why are there disputes over who qualifies to be president because of birth right, you’re all not qualified.

  6. Sharon Taylor

    I am not surprised by this… I have been a safety professional for over 30 years and it just makes me ill to think that such a positive program has fallen into ruins due to the typical “Good Ol’ Boy” mentality. I have seen this more than I care to admit. if someone thinks this is impossible in this day and age, you are sorely mistaken my friend…
    I have found myself in similar situations and the same outcome as in these stories, pressure that drives you insane or just fold your hand, lay down your cards and walk away with what little sanity and dignity you have left. praying the damage is not so much that you must find another career path.
    However… on the other side of that coin, I have been the person responding to the department request for information and documents due to disgruntled workers. when it is so obvious that the entire purpose behind the complaint is solely just to make the employer have to address the issues and in general work at having to pull that thorn out of the paw.
    What worries me also… is that with this issue bringing so much attention to the department will the investigations now swing the other direction? will the department rush through complaints in an effort to clear them, are they pushing to hard for arbitration when clearly arbitration is not the answer, or will there be a push to punish employers and show the department is again favorable for the employees they are supposed to represent, thus encouraging more reporting…
    Lets be honest, we are all human and we in one way shape or form, like to root for the under dog… will this now cause employees with an ax to grind, go after an employer who released them with merit, causing the employer untold man-hours and expenses defending itself from baseless claims…

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