One comment to “After Long Delays, Feds Unveil Tougher Rules to Protect Workers From Silica Dust”

  1. Laura Hart

    I, for one, stand to agree with, and certainly celebrate the new silica regulation. I am the 32 year old daughter of a 76 man whose quality of life suddenly declined due to his difficulty in breathing. My father worked for 10 years at Case and Sons Manufacturing in Robinson, Illinois, in the sixties. Then, he was in his twenties and really thankful to have a job and earning a living. Im sure he could not have forsaw his suffering of today, perhaps because there was a lack of regulation for silica dust, combined with the lack of this Company providing any warning on this hazard. My father States that every morning he went into the factory for work, the dust was so thick you couldn’t see across the room.

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