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Paul Feldman is a FairWarning staff writer.

3 comments to “Evidence Mounts of Distraction Risks from Digital Billboards Along Roadways”

  1. Bob


    We can say statistically that billboards cause accidents. Studies done in Isreal , Alabama, Mass. by MIT , Florida as just a few all show serous 30 to 50% increases in billboard areas over control sites.


  2. Matthew Mabey

    Given that they are an egregious abuse of “the commons,” their safety implications are merely a secondary argument for banning them. The same “freedom of expression” arguments for allowing them should also allow others to target them with paintball guns. Until then, their bright light should be banished from the commons.

  3. GMan

    “we can’t say statistically that the billboards cause accidents” – Time to give it up Jerry!?!

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