4 comments to “Critics Fault New Highway Law for Concessions to Trucking Industry”

  1. Jerry S. Mullins

    Yes, indeed the safe truck drivers had to face problems due to removal of safety scoring. A survey says that many of the drivers are getting retired in the upcoming days and the number of replacement drivers are less.
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  2. Abraham soto

    I have been driving for about 5years 3 and a half of them were over the road the rest with a local company hear in CT. I have trained people to drive trucks when I was over the road I trained grown man and woman,I just can’t even fathom how, a 18 year old kid can drive over the road for 5weeks at a time, when I had grown man crying when missing their family. I know that a study showed that by the end of this year, that theirs going to be a shortage of nearly 50,000 class A CDl drivers, one problem is that a lot of the old guys are retiring and no one to replace them. Another is the pay company’s want people to stay out 2to3 weeks out at a time but they just, won’t pay for the time and sacrifice away from family’s and friends. And the biggest I can onstley say is this generation growing up that haves no idea about sacrifice, growing up in a generation of gameing were everyone’s underworked over sexed and over drugged on what ever stuff you can think of.

  3. Abraham soto

    I can’t believe that some people won’t to let 18year old kids behind a potential 80,000lb missle

  4. Paul Taylor

    It is unfortunate that the ATA had their way on this bill. The removal of safety scoring will make it difficult for safe truck drivers to find out information about which particular carriers he or she may with to apply for work as a driver. Less information in the trucking industry is not good.

    Moreover, tinkering with the hours of service regulations for construction and ready-mix drivers to require less rest lowers safety standards rather than elevates them. A driver who operates locally hauling construction materials or concrete needs just as much rest as an over-the-road trucker (maybe more).

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