2 comments to “Railroad Vindicated as Judge Rejects Claim of Legal Corruption in Arbitration Case”

  1. Jim Young

    As I turn over in grave counting my $$ Millions that’s still being paid, I am amazed how easy it is to bribe union officers!

  2. doug baldwin

    I find this story fascinating because of the tiny intricacy of detail and the tiny impact in a world of global upheaval. They say in the fragment of a meteorite you can see the universe. There is a fragment of a meteorite here, in a universe of legal proceedings. Regardless of truth, regardless of larger meanings, stories like this help me appreciate the difficult and painful work people do making legally binding decisions every day, all over. In our polarized society, everything has become black and white, but the truth of the realities is not even close to that, and the closer one gets to the underlying intricacy of detail, the closer one gets to the essential truth: legal decisions are incredibly painful and fraught and yet we are so used to them we have become contemptuous of the human realities they represent. Courts do not render truth, they render justice via decisions, decisions required by the nature of court proceedings, and decisions are based on available evidence as collected and challenged in a human world of emotion and frailty, not handed down by angels sent by God. I especially love the fact that Fair Warning stuck with this story though it went small and contrary to the clichéd notion of their labor support and thus possibly contrary to much interest from their clichéd notion of a reader base. That is true journalism. That is true fairness. That is good stuff.

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