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  1. Mark

    We just paid for a certified lab test some Chinese made economy house brand (not sold in the US) crayons, “crayon twisters”, and found Tremolite

  2. Hardy Bluebells

    Tell us some of the safe brands of crayons and that will really turn things around fast. While you think no one is listening or reading what you write, you may actually be surprised how many are taking notes. It is just the beginning before people start parting with their money, if they have any to part with. By listing some of the good brands without asbestos, then you make something important happen. You see people really do vote with their buying power. Although, it does not line your pockets to start with, it brings attention to you, because you actually provided a valuable service. The good brand suppliers will not be upset with the extra business. You will actually be doing a service. Also, perhaps there should be laws about how close manure can be spread or left off at by rivers or lakes. You could suggest that as a possible thing that needs to be done. It is a huge turn off to regular folks to hear someone vegan saying anti cow things. It hurts the real issue of water pollution. Maybe there is a state where cattle should not be allowed, or places, How long have there been farms with farm animals on them in California where you have water shortages? How close are they to a water supply like a river or lake, and are they part of the problem? Perhaps giving attention to the ones that are truly destructive where their farm is running off into the rivers. There are places in Wisconsin and Minnesota where there are farmers no where near any water source like a river or lake. Imposing dumb laws on them is insane. Also, there are many practical and wonderful applications of manure, something you failed to understand. Your articles about manure are froth with half truths. There is soil everywhere with certain amounts of contaminants in it, even where no animals have been. Also, many people who farm have a higher education than you do. They really are not some unintelligent bunch of people. While cities move out into the land of farming, it really is unfair and crude of your articles to mention smell. There are so many more individuals who want a hamburger and leather. While you move out next to a farmer, where they live, you should show some respect, or at least don’t move there if you don’t like that. The farmer was there first in almost all cases. Consider balance. Your articles can be most disrespectful and lacking a whole picture. We see how vegans see themselves as more intelligent and better than everyone else. Let’s talk when there are no farms at all where your lettuce, spinach, and food is grown. Having real balance is important, even in your articles. If there is a water shortage there, why are you still living there? You are not exactly known for your common sense or balance. How come we keep taking oil out of the earth, when we know what the plates in the earth float on? Earthquakes? I know how some believe California is turning into a dessert. Is it? While I know I don’t know everything, I am not writing the articles and someone really needs to have balance there, overseeing the articles. Did you know there is even a purpose for methane? If you are wondering how to get people to donate towards a cause, you need to know what is important to real people everywhere. You need to offer a real service that is completely respected by everyone. You are so biased that your site is not for the regular person, at this point. You only need have one article that is based on half truths and you will soon find yourselves broke. You need someone who can really see a much clearer picture so you don’t come off to the rest of the world as half baked. While we want a food supply we must limit what we allow as far as chemicals use in this country. Somethings just don’t make any sense by anyone’s standards. Start there. Try to be fair and make sound decisions, if you are able to. If not, get yourselves an overseeing individual or group to do this for you. Some GMO’s are killing us all. Greed has allowed this. Some seeds are made to be self-terminating, also. This is real greed and if there is a disaster in a mass scale, could mean the death of just about everyone. Corporations can literally get away with more because they have the money and we are all in trouble for this, even them. Why, is this kind of greed allowed? Seeds are being genetically modified to die or not reproduce the second time around. Only a few control the seeds. Wow…. where are you? I am your typical country person, and even this scares me. Seed’s should always be able to be saved and used and still work to produce crops. Most people can’t grow seeds, anyway, because they don’t have the time, or know how, or are just too lazy. So if these corporations run the world with their total greed, we are all in trouble. Where are your articles on that? You need help writing your articles so you are offering a real service, and you have a lawyer on staff to make sure your articles are written so no one can sue you and get away with it. You must offer a real service to the mass of people, so everyone benefits in all kinds of times. It is like I don’t own a gun, because I just don’t want to, but I believe in restrictions and especially for guns. I believe not everyone should have one (mental illness). There should be limits on what kinds of guns and rifles should be allowed to the people. Some things just don’t make any sense at all. If you never go hunting and don’t take those classes, you should not be allowed to own a gun or rifle. It makes sense. In order to own a hand gun you should have to take classes. This is how things get done. You write about the obvious. After the obvious happens, you then work on the smaller parts of the possible problems that come to light in a fair and equitable manner. Common sense and balance are important qualities to have. I am not a public person and don’t care to be published, so if you just read this and take it to heart, applying what you can live with, it is fine with me. Cancers from talc really did get my attention in a good way. It was well-written for the most part. You who are the writers are on the front lines. I do respect you. Keep on trying. I really did not know about the crayons and wanted to know. Thanks. Not all cow farmers are bad in everyone’s eyes. You need balance and common sense. It is an observation. Good luck.

  3. sammie

    Very scary stuff! Thanks for sharing and making us aware of where asbestos could be hiding! We all need to be careful about what we use, but in this day and age where we know so much about the dangers of asbestos, why are companies using this deadly substance?!

  4. LOki

    There is a reason that they are (irresponsibly) not publishing the precise concentrations of asbestos these laboratories found in these products.

    I suspect it’s because you’re likely to find more asbestos in your lunch.

    This was mostly fear-mongering the first time around… it is 100% shameless fear-mongering now.

  5. Cami Gorsky

    I used to shave crayons into tiny pieces, lay the colors between Wax paper then iron them and melt the crayon wax. It was like making a stain glass picture to a kid. You could make different color patterns or block designs. Would shaving crayons “release” the asbestos? Also children EAT All kinds of things, could that eventually hurt or increase the chances of stomach lining mesothelioma? SCARY IT ISNT ENOUGH PROBABLY ALONE BUT ADD IT TO ALL THE OTHER EXPOSURES THAT WE DONT KNOW ABOUT. You know….accumulative effect. Thanks, Cami G. Retired R.N.

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