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3 comments to “Collision Course: With Wary Eye on Big Trucks, Bike Riders Seek Safe Space on City Streets”

  1. Stephen Hadley

    Front low-speed crashes with VRU (Vulnerable Road Users) are quite survivable with proper design. APROSYS – “It is shown that the risk for injuries to head and lower extremities may be reduced by up to 97% at impact velocities of up to 40 km/h. (25 mph)”. When we talk safety design changes in the U.S. we have to remember world regulations tend to harmonize with U.S. regulations which could save tens of thousands of lives or cost tens of thousands of lives. Comment period for NHTSA rear guard rulemaking is now open and side guard rulemaking should occur in a few months. http://www.underridenetwork.org/why-front-underride-or-underrun-is-important/ .

  2. Biff

    It doesn’t help that bicyclists want to be treated like vehicles, yet they still act like pedestrians on the roads, not yielding to traffic, running red lights and stop signs.

  3. B Miller

    I have some important (Pedestrian Safety) information that your organization will no doubt be interested in. Many, many lives could be saved (over time) if this problem were to be addressed properly (which it has not been to date). Please read ‘Stop and Stay Stopped Has Created Many New Dangers’ (1st Archived Essay at http://www.edmundmiller.wordpress.com ). In my direct interviews I have uncovered the existence of a very poor decision making process along with major conflicts of interest affecting those at the forefront of Pedestrian Safety Issues here in New Jersey. It also appears that acknowledgement of the source of these real world results is lacking due to the risk of political embarrassment around this law (passed in mid 2010). Unfortunately – as I had strongly expected would occur – New Jersey’s Pedestrian Deaths (reportedly) rose dramatically in 2012 and 2014. This was in direct contrast (reportedly) to concurrent drops in other types of NJ traffic fatalities. This ‘Stop and Stay Stopped’ Law was implemented without proper (or any?) scientific study beforehand. Keep in mind that ‘knowing where a problem exists’ is not the same as verifying the safety and efficacy of a proposed fix! I have much more on this story if any one is interested. My background is in Quality Assurance. Also – for those who are interested – I will soon be adding an additional essay to http://www.edmundmiller.wordpress.com describing a slew of additional safety design construction mistakes here in New Jersey. These would be hilarious, if not so potentially deadly. These include; ‘curb bump-outs’ installed in front of a high school (turning students into human traffic cones and eliminating the shoulder for bicyclists who now have to suddenly dart directly into traffic or crash) ; diagonal crosswalks (that lead to sidewalk-less patches of grass, leaving the pedestrian out in traffic longer, that ignore the handicapped ramp directly across the street); large planters and other ‘beautifying’ projects installed on left side corners (requiring drivers to stick the front of their cars out into the intersection, risking a deadly broadside accident in order for them to see what is coming at them from the left); islands built in the center of a single lane road for the purposes of slowing traffic down (but which include fountains, plants, many thick beams, and a congregating area – all of which block the view of whoever might be in the crosswalk at the far edge of the island! Especially dangerous for those in small cars, or when the pedestrian is a child or person in a wheelchair!) …………. Amazingly – no one in these construction crews spoke up and put an end to these projects! I am hoping someone out there reading this (‘intelligent’ and without conflicts of interest) will pick up on these clear and present dangers so that we can try to tackle this dysfunction and save (perhaps hundreds of) lives over time. These dangers and the dysfunction they reveal, should be communicated and discussed by lawmakers in all 50 of our US States!
    Please contact me with any questions, or if more information or help is needed. B Miller (email hidden; JavaScript is required)

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