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2 comments to “Off-Road Industry Looks to Congress to Put Brakes on Safety Regulation”

  1. Raphael Grzebieta

    A very good article.
    It is sad to see that again the good work carried out by the CPSC and desire to introduce sound rulemaking to improve the safety of ROVs which the US consumers desperately need, is being thwarted by manufacturers’ interests.
    We have done a lot of work down-under looking at the safety of ATVs and ROVs.
    Our website has the latest information regarding our desire to introduce a Consumer Safety Rating similar to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) car safety ratings and Australian ANCAP ratings (Stars on Cars – see http://www.howsafeisyourcar.com.au/). We are being challenged by the manufacturers every step of the way! They are spending many, many millions of dollars to stop us in our tracks. The latest challenge was in a Coroners Court in Queensland Australia (http://www.thechronicle.com.au/news/quad-bike-related-death-inquest-begins/2605530/). The challenge is not dissimilar to what we saw back in the early 1990’s in regards to introducing vehicle crashworthiness safety ratings in Australia and Europe (deja vu).

    We are holding an meeting at the IIHS test facilities at Ruckersville, Virginia on Friday 17th July focussing on ATVs and ROVs. Registrations are essential for entry but anyone can attend and the meeting is free.

  2. Sue DeLoretto-rabe

    Excellent article, but so sad our government is allowing this to happen. Money seems to allows mean more to them than safety!

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