6 comments to “Feds Want to Run Flimsy Motorcycle Helmets Off the Road”

  1. Guest33

    There should be more restrict laws for those who sell uncertiffied helmets.

  2. Bill Gates

    To me it’s very simple, if you want to survive a crash as a non-vegetable, you wear the best quality helmet available. As a former motocrosser & long time rider, I’ve eaten both dirt and pavement, wearing quality helmets every time. I know from long experience that every rider will crash at least once before hanging it up. Period.
    That said, I think each rider should be able to wear (or not wear) whatever they want. In addition, insurance companies should be able to charge higher premiums &/or deny coverage to anyone who rides w/no helmet or a substandard helmet. Moreover, only riders &/or their passengers who are wearing true DOT approved helmets at the time of a crash should be eligible for treatment by any emergency &/or medical personnel or facilities at public expense.
    I know that may sound harsh to some, but evolution should be allowed to take its natural course…

  3. Max Frisson

    The government should have a standard, the consumer should have the choice. I wear a top of the line Arai full coverage $800 helmet, I like helmets so I have two, one black, one red. I was talking to a rider the other day, he paid $19.95 for a beanie and had a german looking one he paid $39 for. A baseball cap would afford as much protection as the tiny beanie, but I would never legislate that he must wear my kind of helmet, or anything for that matter.
    I know motorcycles are dangerous, after 50 years of riding, racing and selling them I have a pretty good idea of the reality. I’m 64, I have two bikes, a very fast Ducati 1199 and a BMW RT for long distance, I accept that these two machines are the probable future cause of my demise. We really do NOT want your protection by laws we didn’t ask for from people that have never ridden.

  4. Clandes Motards

    A welcome move indeed! However, implementing this rule is easier said than done. It is almost an impossible task to identify between the novelty helmets and the complaint ones. The first thing that should be done in this case is to take measures to stop the supply of novelty helmets to stores. All store owners must be given strict orders to not sell such cheap quality helmets and for those who violate the laws, stringent action must be taken. Another important step is motorcyclists should be made to realize that the money they are saving by buying cheap helmets is coming at a price – the price of their lives. How to identify novelty helmets should also be taught.

  5. xenubarb

    Here’s the problem. In traffic court, you will get fined for wearing a non-DOT approved helmet. Only you won’t, because judges will give you a pass if you argue that, since you bought the helmet at a store, you had every reason to think it was an approved helmet.

    So you lose your crappy helmet, don’t pay a dime, and are free to go out and buy another fake plastic German helmet with a pointy thing on top.

  6. Doug Baldwin

    First, an irreverent side note: I would be interested to know if Outlaw motorcycle gangs favor novelty helmets over compliant helmets. On the one hand, maybe they are so busy shooting each other over their criminal enterprises or over parking spaces in Waco TX or the lack of bullet proofing on compliant helmets may make them seemingly irrelevant. On the other hand, outlaws know a thing or two about crashes and may have respect for the realities. Their approval could make for an interesting public service commercial.

    Meanwhile, though, again I am fascinated by the steady resilient insistence of some Americans for their freedom to kill and maim themselves as they see fit, and the anger they have at efforts to stop it. I well remember the fights over requirement for any type of helmet at all, fights over seat belts in cars, rules against riding in the back of pickups, etc etc etc. (I also remember seeing a rarely shown version of Heaven’s Gate and the new immigrants from Europe are riding into the wild west on top of an overflowing train and I was thinking, gosh, how grand, now adventurous! )

    Back to reality — the point risk taking freedom lovers always finesse is that insisting on their freedom of risk necessarily forces duties and obligations onto that same contemptible mothering government to deal with and pay for any problem that results. It also finesses the fact that most risk decisions are really poor expense priority decisions, and not about freedom at all. This is central to the whole debate about health care — the freedom to make decisions/avoid expense that effect medical risk vs the fact these “freedom” decisions all force impacts on the duties and obligations of society. Stories about the difficulties getting motorcyclists to accept required safe helmets helps with perspective on the difficulties creating any sort of national healthcare plan. Its amazing that Obamacare has made it as far as it has given our national sentimentality for immigrants riding on top of trains without seatbelts and cowboys riding down stampedes without helmets. But times, they do change, and those immigrants and cowboys were really on their own, not pretend on their own.

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