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One comment to “Crying Foul Over Flaring”

  1. Doug Baldwin

    Fascinating story that has been somewhere in the corner of anyone’s mind ever since they first see a flare. Everyone ponders the need for a flare instead of capture when they see it. All children ask about it. Why is something so valuable wasted and in a way that causes environmental harm/air pollution? It is an important story and though I feel well read and well briefed on the news, I find this information fresh and….illuminating. My question now is, given my possibly mindless prejudice that Alaska is not the most forward looking state when it comes to affairs of big business and oil and government regulation, how did they come to be so tough against flaring? Was it mere circumstances? Do their wells produce so nicely that they can have fewer and better managed? Are their fields more confined and thus easier to equip with gas pipelines, though so incredibly rural? How long did Alaska go before it became “a mature oilfield” with gas capture? And, ultimately, what are the numbers? Is capturing the gas seriously money losing, or mainly more of a delay getting to the bigger money of oil? Is the problem in part due to ruthless competition, where everyone is desperate to get their share of oil before someone else does out of a common pool, and thus to hell with the gas? Sort of like, well, managing fishing stocks? Anyway, great story, thank you, the Donny Nelson detail is terrific, incredible. I hope you get wider national attention on this story, it deserves it and needs it. With all the effort made these days for energy, to know about this incredible waste and opportunity makes one…aghast.

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