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4 comments to “Showdown With Industry Looms as Safety Rules for Off-Road Vehicles Advance”

  1. Stephanie Manning

    I own a Can-Am and it is already required to where you have to wear your seat belt or it won’t go over a certain mph so I think that is an ok idea. In these accidents where people are injured here is that statistics that I want to know: how many of those people were wearing a seat belt, were they drinking or under the influence of anything, what was they doing at the time of the accident, was it something the machine was not designed for? These are the types of things that need to be addressed as well before you go blaming a machine for something that is more than likely human error. Accidents do happen but they are just that accidents. We always want to place blame somewhere and when it is truly an accident there is no where to place blame so blame is usually wrongly placed. We think that is has to be a law before we follow common sense. It is still up to the person to wear a helmet, or a seat belt, to drive responsibly. That is not the machine fault it is the persons fault. Please don’t place blame on a machine without all the facts first.

  2. Keith Simmons

    This news is very encouraging. Let us hope the deep pockets of industry are not wasted on fighting this proposal for good safety regulation, but instead are put to good use designing safer vehicles. Independent research in Australia has found these improvements will make the vehicle less likely to go out of control or to roll over, while still being fun to drive and just as capable off road. To those who have been convinced by years of industry propaganda that this will be bad regulation, all I can say is: Just wait until you drive one! Then you can (and should) make your comments.

  3. carolyn anderson

    This is good news. Thank you to all the people who worked so hard to do the right thing.

  4. Sue DeLoretto-Rabe

    This is wonderful news…and long overdue! It’s time for the industry to start taking responsiblity for these machines and the deaths and injuries they’ve caused over the past 20+ year. Thank you to the commissioners at CPSC that stuck with this and saw it through. Our hope is that there will finally be strict standards that will make these machines more stable/safer in the very near future.

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