Today FairWarning launches an important change in our coverage and on our website’s homepage.

We will begin providing more frequent FairWarning Reports — shorter articles on public health, safety and environmental issues that we believe are important to our readers.

We will continue to produce our deeply reported FairWarning Investigates stories, which break new ground on significant topics that are widely ignored by other news media. But, by complementing those in-depth stories with shorter stories and updates, we plan to keep readers posted more frequently on developments related to our mission.

To accommodate the change, our Daily Briefing feature will be discontinued and, in its place on the right side of our home wage, the most recent FairWarning Reports will appear. Frankly, this is a resource question, and part of an effort to expand our output of original stories. At some point, we might bring back the Daily Briefing, and we apologize to Daily Briefing subscribers who have come to rely on this informative news roundup. We hope you will like the change. We value your feedback, and thank you for supporting FairWarning.