2 comments to “As More Imported Foods Reach the Dinner Table, Holes Remain in FDA Safety Net”

  1. Adrienne Phillips

    This article is something every consumer needs to read. The other dangerous aspect of the supply chain involves companies that import the ingredients and use them in private label products. This increases the food safety risk tremendously and most people are not even aware of how much food they purchase is private label. One ingredient can cause an international recall. Truly this is a “house of cards” that needs to be addressed.

  2. Suzanne M. Cline

    This is why we as consumers must insist on complete and accurate labeling. If we can not get that we need to deal as much as possible with local farms and markets. Grow our own and question everything. Purchase Non -GMO and organic seeds. Monsanto would like to completely do away with our ability to find these anywhere in the world. Do we truly believe that corporations care how our food is grown or handled? It is time make real noise! When we have no clean food or water we will neither focus nor care who has the money. We are allowing ourselves to become a third world nation by not requiring that our elected leaders do their jobs.

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