One comment to “Pay Violations Rampant in Low-Wage Industries Despite Enforcement Efforts”

  1. Steven M. Burrows

    I would think that federal and state wage and hour agents and internal revenue agents would be most interested in this type of fraud in business. Federal and state taxes bases are at a low point. Wage fraud is criminal, a masquerade, the stealing of monies from hard working families and government. Think of the large amount money these businesses are not paying in revenue taxes and the paycheck taxes the employees are not able to pay because the wages are never paid. Also, these criminal businesses are stealing employee tax monies directed to medicare and social security. Criminal wage fraud enterprises steal our future and our pride in work. We get what we pay for though: employees with no company loyalty and employees that do not care about a job well done. It is the “Walmartization” of American business. A True Corruption of the American Ideal.

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