3 comments to “Stunning Loss for Lead Paint Makers in Lawsuit by California Cities and Counties”

  1. ashland fadeley

    is the amount of lead that much of a risk if the structures are painted that will minimize exposure? Where I live the municipal water lines are and were asbestos,. will some looting cochroach lawyer sue about that. This maybe the same gang that is all up in the air about global baloney

  2. Richard Rabin

    At least two of the lead paint companies (NL Industries and Eagle Picher) also made lead water pipes long after they knew that their product was poisoning our drinking water.

  3. Louis V. Lombardo

    Thank you FairWarning for continuing to cover this important public health issue.

    Having worked on the lead poisoning problem since 1960s, I can say that this decision is a landmark that hopefully will prevent future damage to many of our children. Too many have already suffered from a century of exposure to lead in many ways air, water, and paint.

    See documents at http://www.careforcrashvictims.com/1970-PolutionControlEfforts.php

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