4 comments to “Elevator Safety Flaws Persist Despite History of Tragic Accidents”

  1. GP Elevators Chennai

    Sad to read such a regretful news. Although we follow kind of safety measures, this kind of incidents happening. We should not allow kids alone to travel in the elevators. Parent should give their accompany. Be alert and be safe!!

  2. Johnathan Kazmierczak

    Here at Rocky Mountain Elevators we strive to improve safety, We have developed several innovations that improve safety in the home elevator industry. Our Smart Locks are retrofit-able into any residential hoist-way, can work left or right, and are UL compliant.
    Our MicroRay child safety circuit is installed into the existing doorjambs and will detect any intrusion into the empty space between the hoist-way and the gate preventing the elevator from moving when there is a child/pet blocking the beam. It is mounted on each floor and monitors the space where a child can fit, not just the front of the gate as in a standard light ray. At around $120 a floor for the kit it is a very affordable solution.
    We also offer Space Guards to block the space and prevent the door from closing if a person is in the way. Check out the Feburary 2015 issue of Elevator World Magazine for more safety ideas from Rocky Mountain Elevator Products.
    Contact info: Rocky Mountain Elevator, 866-482-4472

  3. Carl Sturdivant

    From President
    CitiLift Elevator Company

    Of my 38 years in the industry I was never aware of such an issue.
    Sad that the Elevator Industry Engineers points the blame to every one else, instead of a responsible resolve.

    The problem here is that there are two separate contractors contributes to this Elevator installation; the Elevator Company and the Home Builder which uses a standard interior door frame that leaves a pocket large enough for a Precious Child to fit into.

    Resolve, a 50 dollar Home Depot Fix; a simple piece of 3 inch foam insulation by 5 feet high securely attached to inside of door would remove the space a child could fit into.
    Please call for free retro-fit instructions. 704-241-6477 email hidden; JavaScript is required

  4. Ray Downs

    You should do an article on the entire elevator industry’s fatal accidents rate within the Last 20 years. You will find the numbers staggering.

    The article must include every trade that works around, in, on top and in the machine rooms to include the riding public on elevator n escalators.

    Also in the article explore how many companies do not have a full time and Qualified Safety department to include a competent training program versus those that do. There are approximately 5 major elevator companies doing business in USA but thousands of independent ones.

    I am sure the article would be enlightening as well as startling.

    Good luck.

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