3 comments to “From Childhood Tragedy, a Success Story”

  1. Leslie Thomas

    Thank you.

  2. michael lemov

    What a fine tribute to Danny, his parents, to the congress many years ago, that enacted the original Consumer Product Safety Act and to its great leaders, John Moss (D-Cal) and Warren Magnuson (D.Wa). They overcame fierce opposition to win an unlikely victory for consumers that stands today. Without them, there would be no CPSIA. We need their likes again in congress. See: “People’s Warrior: John Moss and the Fight for Freedom of Information and Consumer Rights”, (Fairleigh Dickenson University Press, 2011, on Amazon.com/books).

  3. Steven M. Sweat, Esq.

    What a tremendous story! As a parent, I can’t imagine anything more devastating than the loss of a child especially at such a young age. It is only through the efforts of organizations like yours, trial attorneys and regulators that these types of incidents get addressed and lead to changes in product safety so that future parents don’t have to experience this anguish!

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