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4 comments to “Protest by Tobacco State Politicians, Business Groups May Snuff Out Obama Administration Trade Move”

  1. Dr grace gj

    Wow Diana! So on target! Let me add though that more than death (which is a given), it’s about suffering…suffering from lung disease…COPD…chronic difficulty breathing, bronchitis, poor exercise tolerance, constantly coughing, constantly congested with mucus, huffing & puffing, short of breath……suffering from financial obligations for always needed medical care. Yes, where is the recall on tobacco? Lets illegalize it in the US and somehow things will fall into place.

  2. Diana Woodbury

    RECALL TOBACCO! Only one person died of e-coli, and ALL spinach was recalled nationwide. Over 600,000 Americans died from tobacco last year alone, over 63,000 from Secondhand Smoke, and not ONE cigarette has ever been recalled! How many more must die from the only product on the market that KILLS WHEN USED AS INTENDED?! My heart and lungs are permanently damaged from inhaling second hand smoke for years in my workplace. Meanwhile, I end up paying thousands of dollars in hospital bills and pharmaceutical bills (inhalers) ONLY when I am subjected to secondhand smoke! No person should be forced to inhale the 63 known cancer causing carcinogens, 4,000 to 8,000 deadly chemicals, and 619 additives that are in tobacco smoke! RECALL TOBACCO!!!

  3. Frank

    fairly sure disney doesnt give lung cancer…

  4. joe

    Because they know itll reduce smoking…
    It worked with tv, enough of disney shows and CNW get kids hooked on tv and specific behaviors. Multiple other similiar tactics are used in our everyday life to make sure we act and think a certain way. So why expose smokers to something thatll make them wanna quit? God forbid the u.s. loses money to spend on military.

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