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One comment to “Emotionally and financially, “it’s devastating.” — Adam Thull”

  1. Gregory Maddy

    I grew up around all kinds of power tools including using and being around table saws. Safety around all these tools including the use and MISUSE of table saws was a huge factor in all my training (upbringing, whatever you choose to call it). In my professional career, at one point as a safety engineer, I’ve learned and seen so much more. I feel horrible for this gentleman and his family but suing the creators of a piece of machinery that performed exactly as it was supposed to perform and yet such a tragedy came from it not being used safely is exactly the same as saying I’m going to sue God for being struck by lightning even though I knew not to be out in the elements during such conditions. It’s so sad that this world is filled with people that always think it’s somebody else’s fault that their stupidity has landed them in their precarious position. Coffee is HOT, electricity is DANGEROUS and saws of all kinds are SHARP, DANGEROUS AND UNFORGIVING IN THE JOB THEY WERE DESIGNED TO DO!

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