2 comments to “Gun, Road Safety Veer in Different Directions”

  1. Edward Ingle

    This discussion is somewhat confusing in that accidental automobile deaths and accidental deaths by firearms are analogous but deaths by police shooting people or people defending themselves or bad guys killing people are not analogous with accidental death by auto. These gun death statistics are all lumped together. Guns enable the weak to protect themselves from the bad guys, law enforcement carry weapons to protect themselves, not you, and they never get there in time to save you. They get there to investigate the accident or the killing of a citizen during a break in. Australia’s experience of disarming the populace has not been good for the populace. When a country takes away guns from its citizens it’s in big trouble as they are finding out in Australia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGaDAThOHhA

  2. Matthew Mabey

    I cry foul. Your statistics for firearms include suicides (actually the majority of the number). Admittedly, there is seldom an attempt to determine if a single car “accident” was a suicide, mainly because there is often no clear means to determine. However, if someone uses CO from automobile exhaust to commit suicide it isn’t attributed to automobiles.
    While suicide deaths are tragic, lumping them with homicides and accidents isn’t really informative from a safety perspective. It certainly isn’t fair to compare numbers that include suicides by firearms with numbers that don’t include all suicides by automobile.
    The point that automobile safety measures (driver education, safety messaging, automobile improvements, etc.) have paid handsome dividends is a good one. Gun safety and handling should be taught in schools, just like drivers ed. and sex ed.. Or isn’t that what you had in mind?
    Just as a careful, skilled, defensive driver faces a much smaller risk from automobiles than the “average” driver, so to does a lawabiding, gun-skilled, gun-careful person face a much smaller risk than the average person from guns. Neither risk is zero, but an individuals risk can be dramatically less than the “average” risk.

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