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3 comments to “Bowing to Pressure, Fireplace Makers Will Provide Protective Screens to Prevent Severe Burns to Toddlers”

  1. mike

    Anyone know whether this standard applies in Canada as well?

  2. leslie

    where can i find the screen to protect my gas stove 9fire place)??

  3. William S. Lerner

    Correction- The screens will not be “Permanently Attached”. They will be supplied with the unit, and will be hopefully be installed by the homeowner or installer. They are removable by the homeowner for cleaning, etc. If a homeowner finds them unappealing or feels that he or she does not need them because they do not have children or “at risk individuals” at home, they simply may not put the guard on. A “Permanently Attached” safety device is a seat belt, or a car’s air bag. These items are part of the car and considered permanent. An easily removable feature is not.

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