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Myron Levin is editor of FairWarning.

2 comments to “Defamation Case Against FairWarning, Public Citizen is Dropped”

  1. JillD

    However, the libel lawsuit against Belinda Worley, Paige Peterson, and Susan Quinn has not been dropped. These are the original parties who waged a negative campaign against the distributor for years.

    Strategically, taking news outlets to court is very expensive and complex even when there are legitimate grievances against them. Focusing on the perpetrators is simply a more expedient way of getting out the truth.

  2. BWorley

    “The discipline of the written word punishes both stupidity and dishonesty.”
    John Steinbeck

    Thank you, FairWarning.

    Thank you, Public Citizen.

    You didn’t stake your considerable reputations on me, Paige, anyone. You staked it on the facts in the vetted documents. You staked it on the law.

    You didn’t write the stories nor the letters to help us. You did it because you have a mandate to public service.

    No court anywhere will be able to undo what those documents show and what those laws say.

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