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Major Car Rental Companies Agree to Back Safety Recall Legislation

Enterprise Holdings, Avis, Hertz, Dollar Thrifty and the American Car Rental Association said they will support legislation introduced by three Democratic U.S. senators banning the industry from renting or selling cars subject to recall. The bill was spurred by the deaths of two Santa Cruz , Calif., sisters — Raechel Houck, 24, and Jacqueline Houck,…


Survey Finds Energy Firms Often Use Trade Secret Exemptions to Withold Information About Chemicals

Despite disclosure rules in some states, fracking chemicals are kept secret. A national survey found that among companies that have disclosed some information about the ingredients in their fracking fluids, 65 percent have concealed at least one of the chemicals, saying they needed to protect confidential information. Fracking critics say the widespread use of trade…

Compared to Other Youth, Young Blacks Awash in Alcohol Ads, Study Says FairWarining Reports

Compared to Other Youth, Young Blacks Awash in Alcohol Ads, Study Says

African American youth culture is steeped in alcohol. References to booze have long been rife in rap music, and Jay Z, Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and Ludacris are among the hip-hop luminaries who have promoted alcohol. Now, a new study puts some fresh data behind concerns about alcohol marketing to young blacks.


In fracking-fueled role reversal, coal exports make U.S. cleaner and Europe more polluted.

Coal exports make U.S. cleaner as European emissions rise.  Shale gas, produced by hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” has replaced a portion of the coal used by the United States. The displaced coal has been exported to the European Union, where it is predicted to cause a 2.2. percent rise in emissions in 2012. U.S. emissions…


New York City Aims to Rid Hospital Cafeterias of Junk Food

A public health push by Mayor Michael Bloomberg would encourage healthier hospital eating. The voluntary effort, part of New York’s expanding Healthy Hospital Food Initiative, would ban deep fryers, make leafy green salads and half-size sandwiches mandatory options and allow only healthy snacks to be stocked near cafeteria entrances and cash registers. Already in the…

A Strange Indifference to Highway Carnage

A Strange Indifference to Highway Carnage

One of America’s worst public health afflictions — the annual loss of tens of thousands of lives on the nation’s highways — is being massively ignored. The inaction is particularly striking because so many political leaders have themselves been touched by highway tragedies. Yet there seems to be wide indifference to the more than 30,000 deaths and over 2.2 million crash injuries a year.


U.S. Authorities Probing Whether Chevron Intentionally Tried to Deceive Air Quality Regulators

Chevron refinery in Northern California is the target of a federal criminal investigation. Authorities say the company for four years used a pipe inside its Richmond, Calif., refinery to bypass emissions monitoring equipment and then burned off the diverted gases. It’s not known how much air pollution exposure was endured by thousands living downwind from…


Research Shows Shorter Life Spans for America’s Least-Educated Whites

Study finds life expectancy has fallen four years since 1990 for whites lacking high school diplomas. The recent study, which was led by a University of Illinois professor and builds on earlier research that showed more modest declines, estimated that white women without high school diplomas now have a life expectancy of 73.5 years. That…


Kidneys Are Discarded Even as Thousands Die Awaiting Transplants

Last year, 4,720 people in the U.S. died while waiting for kidney transplants. Yet more than 2,600 kidneys recovered from deceased donors were discarded without being transplanted. Many experts agree that large numbers of discarded kidneys — perhaps even half, some believe — could be transplanted if the system for allocating them were overhauled. The…


Testing Finds Cancer-Causing Arsenic in Rice, Baby Foods and Instant Cereals

Consumer Reports finds worrisome levels of arsenic in rice products. The publication analyzed samples of roughly 60 rice products — from bulk rice to baby foods to instant cereals — and found that nearly all of them contained the in­organic form of arsenic that’s known to cause bladder, lung and skin cancers. Based on the…