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Lilly Fowler is assistant editor at FairWarning.

7 comments to “Unthinkable But Real: Tipping Furniture, TVs Sometimes Deadly to Children”

  1. Beth Bishop

    The person taking care of Charlie at the time thought the young child was sleeping, and didn’t hear any loud noise even when the dresser toppled onto him after he apparently climbed on it. “They call it a silent death,” Horn said. Children “are a cushion for the fall of the dresser so you don’t necessarily hear a sound.”

  2. Nicole Brander

    Please help me!

    I don’t even only where to start, I’m extremely careful about the furniture I buy and I have my furniture anchored to the wall. Tonight, I could have experienced the same tragedy that too many parents have endured. I had furniture from Ashely furniture delivered today. One of the pieces I purchased is a desk with a credenza on top. My twin 5 year old boys and I went up stairs to the loft to check out the furniture and as I opened one of the little doors on the credenza the entire credenza fell on top of me. This piece alone has to be close 300 pounds. With my babies standing next to me, I was supporting this huge piece of furniture on my body. I kept yelling for them to move, but they just wouldn’t leave my side and kept trying to push it back up. Somehow, maybe that super mom strength kicked in, but what 2 men struggled to carry, I was able to get it back on top of the desk. As I was lifting the credenza back onto the desk I noticed the bag of hardware tapped to the back of it. These two men didn’t bother to attach the credenza to the desk! Their neglect could have killed my children. I can’t tell you how much pain I’m in right now, even as I type this, I just can’t even imagine if it wasn’t me. That isn’t even the biggest problem

    Crying in pain I called the Ashely store that I ordered from and explained what had happened to the manager and was met with an “oh well” attitude. They wouldn’t have someone come back out to my house fix it. As much pain as I was in, my only concern was getting this fixed so this thing does fall on one of my children. I was told “It’s 7:00, what do you want me to do?” I was beyond shocked at the lack of concern this woman had as I was literally crying on the phone. I explained to her that even if I tell my children to stay away from it they probably won’t because they are delayed and they do not completely grasp big consequences like death. I can’t begin to explain how disgusted and upset I was with how this woman treated me.

    About an hour later I received another phone call from another person at Ashely Furniture who asked me to tell her what happened. I explained to her and also explained the situation with my children. She offered no solution, said she would call her co-worker and call me right back. She didn’t call me back. I tried calling her back and she didn’t answer.

    I’m sitting here puzzled as to what to do, I’m in horrible pain and I refuse to go to bed because I’m terrified that one of my boys will get up and I won’t here them and they will forget what I said and something horrible will happen to them.

    I have no words for this company and I don’t know what to do. Will you please help me? I’m at a loss for what to do.

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  5. Ali Raza

    Kids are also in danger of suffocation if they become accidentally trapped in a cabinet, toy chest or laundry machine; in 2007 alone there were 3,270 injuries to children ages 2 to 14 involving toy chests. Always supervise children around any confined space and keep the doors closed and locked. Toy chests that meet voluntary standards set by the CPSC are equipped with lid supports that hold the lid open in any position. The standards also call for ventilation holes to prevent suffocation. If you have a toy chest with a lid that doesn’t stay open, the CPSC recommends you remove the lid or install a spring-loaded lid support.


  6. Kimberly Packard

    Excellent article, Lilly. Thank you so much for helping to raise awareness about this often unknown and overlooked danger to children in everyone’s home.

  7. Nancy Besa

    Lily – Tremendous piece. Great information. Keep up the good work.

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