Helmet law protest

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  1. David Young

    How about you put your helmet on and jump in the back of my pickup . Wait till I going 80 miles per hour and then jump out. We will how we’ll that helmet works. Any takers!

  2. ALRDOC Luis

    The information is interesting but not evidence of a lack of legislation. The fact that speed and the quality of roads has changed considerably, should factor in. Additionally, the recent addition of numerous new distractions to not only automobile drivers but motorcycle cyclist alike should be considered as one of the variables in the discussion. People on the roads and freeways in America now have bigger stereos, GPS, voice activated concierges and other technological advances. I believe the greatest effect on fatalities will be from an increased awareness of each other as equal rights users of the road.

  3. Donald Unruh

    Awful damned biased reporting. How about something called personal resposiblity? Maybe we could get some of the stupid ass Automobile drivers I see everyday of the road.

    Why only Motorcycle check points? Why not all vehicals, and while we’re at it check and see when the driver’s last text message was sent!

    BTW I wear a helmet 100% of the time!

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