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6 comments to “State Investigators, Workers Cite Labor Abuses in Warehouse Empire”

  1. Lulaine

    These types of abuses are not uncommon, the investigations are usually the first step towards charges being brought down, fines being levied and civil lawsuits being filed. Everyone understands businesses need to make a profit but it should not come at the expense of the worker. If you have to exploit the worker, than the business model is probably broken. If the conditions are this bad, and the exploitation at this level then the workers should file suit.

  2. wizman

    nwk – nfi drivers need help. manager is for ever robbing us just to benefit his bonus. he cares less about nfi but only of his bonus. we need a union yo put a stop on his abuse on spanish drivers. we contact human resources and all they say is.. Jeff (manager) is running the show and there is nothing we can do. deal with it or quit is what they tell us. is no wonder why they estimate 14,000 truck driver shortage in the east coast. treat drivers like humans and pay drivers what they deserve or by 2016 there will be 19,000 driver shortage. teamsters come and rescue drivers at the budweiser nfi plant in newark nj !!!!!!

  3. Bill

    Donny Schneider is up to his old tricks again.
    Put money in his pocket and the easiest way to does that is screw the little guys.
    It has been going on with his drivers for years . He was the driving force nehind the international corridor between Mexico and kansas city so hey could pay mexican drivers wages to get freight half way to the market instead of paying american drivers .35 cents a mil.

  4. Doctor

    The American Government knew about this years ago, but only now they have their hands tied because it is becoming public. You will see this guy standing outside of a WalMart soon with a piece of cardboard, begging for money because he could not keep his mouth shut. (If they don’t just go ahead and beat him and deport him.) You think this was corruption on Wal-Mart’s part? Think again. You think the government does not know about the corruption and bribery being used to take over the retail market? Ask yourself that again when you see more jobs being slashed, higher prices on gasoline, and your congressman takes a three month vacation and parks a new boat in his driveway. You paid for that, you know. So go ahead. Keep voting. Watch how you get reemed every year. Welcome to America.

  5. Danny

    They sound just like the Amazon distribution centers in Tennessee, Arizona, Pennsylvania

  6. Steven M. Burrows

    A shamefully exploitation of labor. The companies involved (and their affiliates) ought to be fined to the maximum extent of the law and shutdown. Where is the U.S. Labor Department when outrages like this occur?

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