Warehouse worker Jorge Soto.

Listen to Jorge Soto’s comments

Soto’s remarks translated from Spanish:

My name is Jorge Soto.

The workers who unloaded containers were under my supervision.

The direction I was given was if a worker worked for 8 or 10 hours, we would put that employee down for only three hours. So we weren’t really recording the hours each employee worked. We did this so the company couldn’t be accused of robbing the workers of pay and to make it appear as if each worker was earning more than the minimum wage.

If we put down the real time workers worked, 15 or 16 hours, and they earned $40, well, it was going to be obvious that they were only earning $3 or $4 per hour.

Because the company didn’t want to violate minimum wage law, we corrected the hours. And we did this at the end of every shift. The worker would simply ask, “How much did I earn today?” And I would say, “Well, you earned $40, sign here.” And that was it.