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Myron Levin is editor of FairWarning.

4 comments to “Feds Leaving Cities, States in Dark on Billboard Safety”

  1. Ken Kueker

    Billboards with changing messages are nothing new. Tri-vision billboards, which contain rotating panels so that three advertisers share time on the same billboard on a rotating basis, have been around for decades. Tri-vision billboards typically switch from one advertiser to the next every eight to ten seconds, just like digital billboards. So the sudden concern for driver sayety seems a bit suspicious. More likely, a relatively small part of the population that hates billboards are just using digital billboards to stir up opposition to billboard advertising in general.

  2. Steven Burrows

    I believe the business community ought to welcome the FHWA study. If the FHWA results can be believed, views of flashing signs of less than 1/10 second by travelers possibly indicate the futility of the flashing outdoor advertising product. Namely, how can a traveler gain useful information from flashing outdoor advertising by a short view of 1/10 second or less? It would seem that this point alone argues against advertising by flashing outdoor device by “smart and prudent” businesses seeking to maximize their ad revenue.

  3. Ted Wu

    It is obvious that the outdoor advertising industry is against any research which shows any results not in their favor (even it is true), and is in favor of any research which shows
    results that may help them (even they are false).
    It is also obvious that the politicians will stand behind the research that will help the industry who fills their pockets.
    The bottom line, unfortunately, is that when the billboard industry wins, visual pollution and the puiblic lose.

  4. Steven M Burrows

    The Federal DOT has made a mission of passing rules to limit distracted driving related to cellphones and texting. Certainly, flashing billboard signs distract drivers and are very unattractive along highway corridors. Apparently though, the Federal DOT has no backbone to limit this type of flashing menace. Another case of “big money” influencing agency and Congressional oversight. Thanks to FairWarning for this well written article.

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